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Top 10 Ferree Mysteries

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family" Anthony Brandt

  • Who were the parents of "Barney" Ferree? (Born about 1755)
  • Was Benjamin Kuykendall married to a Ferree?
  • An Isaac Ferree went South. Which Isaac was he? Who did he marry?
  • European History: Who came from where? (D. Ferree, T. Faulkner, R. Davis)
  • How many Ferree family lines existed in America other than Daniel & Marie's?
  • Did Peter Baker & Leah Ferree marry? If so, when? Did Peter have other wives? Before and/or after Leah?
  • Should a uniform spelling of "Ferree" be used in genealogies? How does one best handle variations in the spelling of the name? Schuyler Ferree lists Farree, Farry, Feiree, Ferre, Ferree, Ferrey, Ferrie, ffierre, Fiarre, Fierce, Fierf, Fierre, Fierree, Firre, Forrey, Fuehre, Fuhre, Veree (German V=F). Some variations may be simply misspellings, but variations of the same individual's name appear on official documents such as deeds. Think of the implications for searching!
  • Who was the David Ferree who married Rebecca Curran on 4 October 1825, at Marietta, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with Rev. Orson Douglass presiding. The Lancaster Journal of 7 October 1825, reported the marriage. Both David and Rebecca were residents of Marietta. (see below) The Marietta Pioneer, 23 February 1827, reports the death of Rebecca Curran Ferree, daughter of James and Sarah Curran on 13 February 1827. She died of a respiratory illness. The death of an infant daughter, aged 5 months, 7 days is also reported. Rebecca was born on 7 January 1800, in the area of Mt. Joy, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
  • Who was David Ferree (of Marietta) who married Catherine Stump (of Columbia) on 15 June 1830, as reported in the Lancaster Journal on 18 June 1830? It appears likely that David Ferree is the same David listed above.
  • Michael Ferree was an early settler of Esopus, New York. At the destruction of Wiltwyck (7 June 1663) his house was burned, a child was captured, he was wounded and later died of his wounds. Was he a relative to Daniel Ferree? Did his child survive?
Material for this page courtesy of Dr. Charles Heisterkamp.