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History Header

The Ferree Family history is a compilation of years of research and sharing of information that has allowed us to trace our roots back to the 13th century. The Ferree's enjoyed the titles and privileges reserved for the nobility "of knightly origin" and can be considered one of the oldest families of lower Normandy.

The family as we know it today descends from Daniel Ferree, a silk weaver and merchant of the upper class of Landau, France, and his wife, Marie Warenbuer. Not much is known about her family but there is documented history available about the family of Daniel and Marie and their journey from France to Paradise, Pennsylvania. A visit to the history section of this site will provide information about their travels and the hardships they endured.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Our Ferree Family is to provide a diversity of information and share with others interested in our Ferree family legacy. We invite you to browse through all the sections of this site and learn more about our interesting family - then and now.

We hope you enjoy our site. Thank you for visiting. We will be continually updating and posting new information. Please come back often.


"People will not look forward to posterity, who never looked back
to their ancestors." - Edmund Burke